ASA Korea
Army Security Agency, ASA, ASA Korea, 177th ASA, 508th ASA, Camp Humphreys, P-Y-Do, Sokcho-Ri, Kang-Wha-Do
Capt. Baldwin - Kang-Wha-Do - 1957

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Bob - Camp Humphreys - 1969
(Photos courtesy of Marc Green, Rocky Campagna, Vern Gruenke Bob Swanson and Bob Baldwin)

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255th ASA Compound, Kang-Wha-Do 1957
255th ASA Detachment 1957
Kunkle & Marchetti
177th Barracks-1969
Main Gate-Camp Humphreys-1969
Bob & Marc in the 'Ville-1969
Drinking Green Beenies - P-Y-Do
Marc frozen on P-Y-DO 1970

Main street Anjun-Ri 1969

Marc and Billy Biggs P-Y-DO 1970
Korea Reunion (Me is Rocky)
Winter at Camp Humphreys
Han-Barracks Houseboy
177th Compound
255th Orderly Room 1957

.."Marc Green in bed for 3 days after drinking the Green Beenie...his first drink of his life...before and now 44 yrs later...said he couldn't drink a coke for 3 years...reminded him of the GB"
508th USASA GP -  Yong Dung Po
Det B - Sokcho-Ri
Bob Swanson & Stinger
Drink Fest with slicky girl
Moody, Van Dyke & Nunnelly
Gary Lovelace
View from Det B
The beach near Sokch-Ri
Det B data pick up
177th ASA
Gate and Guard Shack
Kimpo Airport
Sunrise Courier Flight - Kimpo